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Join Our School, Chance to have Revenge on Poor Little Teens! You Get Paid Too! November 2, 2009

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Teachers Chance for a Vengeance Spree, Join National High School of S.D.

My school can’t prove more the fact that some of its teachers are on a type of “revenge” job, other that by advertising it throughout Syria on street ads. From the way they teach till the way they punish, you can be sure they are having some kind of fun. We literally had the Class Manager come in and make us repeat after him in parrot fashion, “The Teacher is ALWAYS correct”, “What ever he says you must do, no matter what” “Etc1”At least my school is better that the other schools by a little. The “others” have meetings to discuss which student they should torture2.

1(They didn’t literally say etc)

2(True Fact, really)