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Introduction to Diary of ME! October 15, 2009

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Ok, this is going to be a kind of rough description of how I am “planning” to write my Blogs  “Diary of ME!” *

First of all I will not be writing a typical type of diary, where I explain every single little detail and/or thought, no, I have no intention of boring your brains out. Other than the fact that doing that is quite boring, for you and me, I don’t have the capability to remember all those details for those peeping toms. I am also planning with my friend that we share this blog, that is for another time though, just keeping you in updated.

Secondly I will try to be as humorous as I can, which, by the way, is much simpler in real talk ( it isn’t that easy for me to put it in words, well I can but you wont get it, so that wont be much funny to the readers)

Thirdly I will not be actually telling you about the whole day, most likely just a scene of the day, or the main thing that happened to me, or that I saw ( for my age, I have seen too much, and NO, I am not cliche’ing’, it’s true!). The main reason I want to blog this is because of all the crap that is happening in my stage of life1 and all the other crap I have to endure, it is too much for any human o_O

*( You notice how much of uncertainty is in that sentence? well, I underlined them just incase)

1( Bakaloria, but we can get to that later, as in : “Different article” type of later not later in “this” article, you should be realizing how much I like getting the idea to you accurately )

Fourthly 2 I would just plainly want to catch up on my writing skills, since I dont have much of an English talking-using environment around me, I mean that as an insult by the way, an insult to where I live 3

2 ( I just learned that fourthly is actually a word from the proof reading in firefox, I am starting to like this :D )

3 ( I would say more, but I have no desire for getting throw into a hellhole, but I will try to pass on the idea * cough * non directly * cough * if you get my meaning through my bloggings )

Fifthly 4I got the idea of the cute mini numbers, a.k.a (Superscript), from reading Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, which I really enjoyed and recomend you guys to read, it is really great ( for those guys that dont have the resources to be able to buy/touch/think/read the book, send me a message * cough * you get what I mean?)

4( new word added to brain, again, thanks to firefox 5)

5 ( I prefer Opera over firefox by the way, but I got reasons for using WordPress on firefox * cough *, but firefox is second to Opera, just in case someone here is a firefox love)

I also plan on using the superscripts depending on the readers opinions about it, and of course, this might sound a bit nooby 6 but I do appreciate any constructive criticism or advices, that can be brought to my attention  ( apparently, the attention of others too) to help me on the road of blogging and help you on the road of ,,, well,,, reading funny blogs.

6 ( Noob: A “nice” swear word, used when someone gets frustrated/angry/funky/fervented/pissed or for /fun/no reason/noobishness/showing off the ability to have a vocab, towards the victim of the cursing/swearing that probably never did anything wrong/was innocently watching the game ( or whatever it was)/didnt know he did ( or is doing) something wrong/hacker/a real noob a.k.a newbie ( I mean it as”new to the game” )/a guy\gal who just relishes in the displeasure of others:                                                                                                  Word is derived from Newbie Example Sentences : “HEY NOOB, GET OFF THE SERVER”, “Ha Ha-Ha Ha, nooooob“, “this might sound a bit nooby 6“)

I also want to explain the future things I am “planning” to do on my blog, even though this has very little to do with my post. I am planning to link links of some of the things I really enjoyed, as in, blogs, ebooks, posts, idea, news, blah blah etcetera etcetera etcetera. Plus other extras which I haven’t thought of yet O-O, but are already thought of in future tense!

Well that is all for now, till the next summoning!

Resources used for Article 7: PC ( including keyboard, all the things in the case, mouse (including battery) and screen), Electric, Net, Friend’s advice, ASK Company ( or something like that ), Body ( including hands and head and eyes), Brain, Knowledge , WordPress (duh), and most importantly THE CRAP THAT I CANT ENDURE! ( but you are going to endure in my future Articles Muahahahhaa!)

Estimate Time of Laboring (fun laboring): About an hour or so

7 ( I hope you saw that I capitalized the A in article! to show how much I think of my Article, see,, I did it again !)