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Diary of ME! Part V Syrian Taxies November 6, 2009

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Diary of ME!

Part V


The [Syrian] Taxi Dude

Last day of school in the week. Finally. Though I won’t be doing my usual Thursday1 plans2 I will go to my grandmother’s house to wish her a good travel, because she is leaving the country, and this might be my last chance to say good bye before she leaves for Europe for an estimate of 7 months. After almost getting in a fight with some stupid classmates, I leave the school. I head towards the stationary shop to buy a Scrabble board game I saw earlier but couldn’t carry. I buy it then head out to the main road to stop a taxi.

1(Thursday is the last school day in the week in my school)

2(Usual plans usually have something to do with spending money and going out with friends)

Usually when I don’t want taxies they crowd the road, but, as usual, when you want one, you won’t find one. It was late, and I was starting to worry. Syria isn’t the safest country on earth you know. Thus, deciding to move to a different location in hopes of finding an empty taxi, one suddenly stops next to me. It had two men; they were paying the chauffeur and “looked” like they were getting out. Turned out that only one guy wanted to leave, the other just wanted to sit on his former seat (the seat next to the driver.) Thinking that I should move on, the driver peered out of his window and asked me where I was heading. I told him, he asking the guy next to him, and they decided to take me.

From the minute I got in I knew the taxi guy wasn’t regular, my guts felt it. He seemingly was laughing from a racist joke made by the other guy sitting next to him about Kurds. I didn’t say anything; I tend to keep to myself. After the old passenger got to his stop (about 2 min later); he asked the driver how much money he owed, because this was a type of rogue taxi (he didn’t seem to have the Taxi Meter that counts the money depending on how much the taxi drove (I don’t know what it is called.)) The driver, surprisingly, said 50 sp! For 2 min driving! That is A LOT, for a ride like that he should have paid like 15 sp. I, again, didn’t say anything, and the poor/stupid passenger paid without saying anything either.

After moving on the road a bit, the driver invited me to the seat next to him. I, of course, denied. What do you think you would have done? A Syrian jumpy taxi driver that likes making jokes along the way late at night, asking you to sit next to him! No sensible guy (unless he is huge) would accept.

After telling him how to reach my grandmother’s house (he didn’t know I am going to my grandmothers’ house) he stopped infront of the house. I thanked him and got out to be able to reach into my side pocket to pay him. I took taxies from my school to my grandmother’s house plenty of times, and I knew the estimate amount that I should pay the taxi (The amount that turns up on the Taxi Meter.) The amount was as estimate of 30 sp, depending on the traffic. I reached into my pocket, knowing I didn’t have change to give him a 40 (I like paying them a little tip or something) I gave him a 50. I stood there expecting some change. But noooooooo. This dude wasn’t normal. I should have probably listened to my guts. The guy didn’t just want an extra ten, nor a 50. He was going much higher for a 5 min ride.

He took the 50 (One piece of paper bill) and started feeling it. Why is he feeling a paper bill? Then he looked at it, looked at me, and said “I want a 75” Apparently the simpleton was expecting me to give him a 100 sp paper. I was like WTH? Is this guy serious? Apparently he was, because when I expressed how flabbergasted I was at his request, he made a face no mentally sound human being would make. It’s really is hard to explain, it was more like a mentally deformed adolescent “trying to be funny” kind of face. Can you imagine that kind of face? No…. Neither can I, I never knew it was possible till this guy made it. The face was accompanied with a squeaky sound that sounded like a squeaky “Really? Who told you that?”

I replied “Dude, I took a taxi several times here, and I usually pay the same amount each time, around 40!”

He stood, staring at me for a while, then, unexpectantly said something like this “It is my fault for making you into a man” plus other gibberish which I couldn’t catch because he pressed the gas a sped off. Of course it took me a minute to realize that he probably did all the drama to just try and take an extra double of his rightful amount, with nothing to lose and a minimum of 10 sp extra ( the 50 I gave him and the same 50 he ran away with.) Typical Syrian taxi, what do you expect? Some respect?


Introduction-Bacaloria “Dairy of ME!” October 21, 2009

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In the cruel, barbarously tyrannical world we live in, there are alot of contraptions for torture and inhumanly treatment. Modern or old or ancient, each and every contraption has a history of creation and usage. Most are “forbidden”1 or so called by groups of people such as the Human Rights, others used for simple interrogation or other “sincere” reasons, and are  knowingly, to the people of the country, used by formal officials or “Big Groups”2. Others used by the idiots of society that have a liking towards the devil for Godforsaken reasons of the unknown. We hear of them sometimes by what we call rumors, brought to us by the media. Emails of the tortures occurring in Guantanamo, secret US underground labs, blah blah. Tv, the news channel, showing you scenes of riots occurring throughout the world for inhuman treatment. For those people that care, or think alot, you could find alot of these contraptions of torture by simply accessing to the net or from past knowledge. For others, none cares as long as they don’t see them3, because even if we did see them, and have proof, we simply can’t/won’t do anything about it. Admit it; the world is being thrown into a pit of darkness and anguish in a basket woven from sins. Now, you might be thinking that after all this jargon and evil talk that I discovered a new “big” thing, or that I’m advertising the need for us to demolish the “evil”, or simply want your money for “charity” or some other kind of excuse5. But, no….. you aren’t even close to what I am going to talk about4. What I am going to talk about is a very, skillfully hidden6 damnable type of pure evil torturing contraption. Bacaloria.7 Dude it isn’t even tangible!

NOTE: [the ‘c’ in Bacaloria is pronounced k]

1(forbidden,, bah!, not for the big people *cough*)

2(big groups for the certain people of the country such as countries that have no government tend to be ruled by groups)

3( ahh give me a break, we all know that there’s secrets going on underground, no matter how much we push the idea away from our minds)

4(unless you read the title [Bacaloria], which alot of people don’t read by the way)

5(I don’t mean don’t give charities money! (You must do that) I meant that you must be careful where you give your money)

6(for alot of people (not including Americans and alot of other people) Bacaloria is right infront of their faces, that is what I meant about skillfully hidden, right infront of your face and you DON’T REALIZE the pure evil it is made from and crap it crams into the head of your sons and daughters (or, in my case, crams into your head, I don’t have kids,,,,,))

7(oh,,, the drama!)

Ok now, first of all let me make this clear for everyone who is blessed by not knowing what Bacaloria is nor has gone through the stage of Bacaloria. (By the way, from now on I will replace the word “Bacaloria9” with the more, simply, suitable word “crap”8). “crap” is the stage almost every 17-19 year old in the middle-east* must do10 to get a “life”, or he has to go through his life in a trash as a hobo , unless he has a relative that can sponsor his life. When doing a “crap” you must submit yourself to excessive amounts of futile crap and torture for at least a year because if you don’t get what you want on the first chance ( you can only submit the “crap” exam once a year and that is though a month) you are going to have to wait a second year, or more, depending on your luck, till you get psychologically disordered, a.k.a. mental illness (that is if you didn’t get it in the first year ;)) Of course, you can’t see the true horrorific abomination that “crap” really is, yet, not even after you finish reading this post. It is too surreal to be understood simply by reading, you must have to go through it. So I am going to be more detailed.  “crap” is the stage ( as previously written) where you “get a chance to a life”. In laymen’s terms, “crap” is middle-eastern High School. It isn’t like most parts of the world where you do 4 years of high school and get a diploma depending on whatever it is your country depends on. Nor is it like the Bacaloria (called Baccalaureate in English, and seemingly French too) of other countries where, like Spain (for example), you have to just pass certain exams. I can’t really try to differ it from all the types of high schools around the world, just believe me (or at least believe others which have the experience (they have to be from the middle-east, other than Lebanon and Saudi Arabia)) most middle-eastern Bacaloria differs by a long shot compared to ANY type of High School on Earth or off it. It is harder even compared to the French Bacaloria. A student must waste a year at the least to be able to submit the “crap”.12 “crap” is composed of 8 subjects :

*(I am talking about the Middle Eastern Bacaloria, non other)

8(I used the word crap, not because it really is the most suitable, but because I can’t really use the most suitable word for 3 reasons

  1. I would be taken to prison
  2. I might go to hell if I don’t repent from using the suitable words
  3. I really can’t find a word near the proximity of what my feelings (or other people’s feelings) are towards Bacaloria9.)

9(no I am not capitalizing the B in Bacaloria for my respect towards it, but for the fact that it is the main idea of my article. Also realize that I didn’t capitalize the C in crap)

10(do, as in, memorize – study – waste a year of his life in idiocy- work out to the ministry of education that he wants to do Bacaloria (which is easy in some countries) – go to the admissions center to submit the exams through a MONTH (yes I said month, it isn’t a typo)

12(he or she can submit the exams one a year for through a month without wasting a year, but I said “at least a year” cause he or she needs that much to memorize the books, unless of course, if he or she has some sort of einstein- nano technology in his brain, including the month is which he or she does the examination)

  1. Arabic : Story – Memorizing Passages – Essays – Grammar which is ‘from the first day of school in your life until the last chapter in the “crap” book’ – Poetry
  2. Math : Geometry – Trigonometry – Algebra – “tahleel”14 – ”Qatoo3”14
  3. Physics : Electric and Mechanical
  4. English : Science – Grammar – Essay – Reading and Comprehension
  5. Chemistry : Dynamics and  Main Chemistry
  6. French : Reading and Comprehension
  7. National Socialist Education
  8. Religious Education The grade for Religious Education is dropped from the total, but the students have to pass it anyway (if one fails in 2 subjects he or she has to repeat the entire year of agony and torture). 13

NOTE: I might be missing some, they are just too much…….

13(this is all rough translations of the subjects, they mostly teach us it in Arabic or French)

14(I don’t know what the word tahleel or qatoo3 means in English)

The exam adds up to a total, of which I won’t have the liking to mention. So I will give you an example: Lets say the total adds up to 100. Certain countries (which I also won’t have the liking to mention) have a need for you to get 98 out of a 100 (no, also not a typo) to be able to study in Medical School for somewhat regular prices. The other departments of schools follow suit in this grading process (example: for Engineering you must get around 92.) Now what happens if you miss a grade? (like got 94 instead of 95) You either live with what you have or, repeat the “crap”…. AGAIN. You can (if you got a grade close enough) go to a Private University, but that is EXTREMLY expensive.

Well, no problem, if you didn’t have to MEMORIZE every single thing! (no matter how small or big, stupid or pointless.) As you can unveil from my writing, there is little study compared to the memorizing that must be done. For example, not only do students have to memorize the laws (formulas) but they must memorize the proof of the laws (not all laws), and how the law came to be (from using other laws) and they, in some cases, must implement the law while solving the problem (usually a physics or math problem.) Speaking of proof let me move on to the history of “crap”, so maybe you could try to fathom the evil of “crap”.

Like I wrote in the beginning of the article, every evil contraption has a history, whether thou beith tangible or not. Evidently, from my immeasurable time on the internet, Napoleon I (the I stands for first, not his autism15) had the glory of inventing this evil instrument of evilness…….. and apparently “crap” entered into the territory of the middle-east through the hands of the despicable 16French when they despicably entered and occupied the non-despicable lands about the middle-east. Well, “that” was around the 1940s…… That’s old. I saw someone write, “Here they are[ the students], at the tender age of 17 or 18, coming face to face with a dinosaur, which for all practical purposes should have become extinct by now.” Now why do you think the relatively SAME curriculum is implied in 2009 and will probably be used for the same amount of time it had strived in the nightmares of the middle-eastern people, which is an estimate of 70 years? Don’t look at me; I got no idea, not even a meager idea

15(according to my searches, many people aren’t sure what mental issues Napoleon had)

16(I mean no offence to the French, except in the time of the beastly occupation)

Ok, solutions? You got 3 options. 1. You do the “crap” 2. You do it in another country   3. You live like a hobo. Very little choice, most people tend to go with the first option, because they don’t know any better. Lots of people think that “crap” is a gift to the world and humanity as it is. They really don’t know any better, and if they did, they either don’t want, or they can’t leave the country to do High School somewhere better and come back to the middle-east. In almost all options the power is in the hands of the leading family members (usually the Father of the family or both the parents). The Father will most likely tell his son/daughter , (if any idea comes to him/her that he/she can save himself/herself from the “crap” misery), that millions of people have done “crap”17 including him, so it doesn’t come down to his son/daughter if he is going to do it or not.

Now some people might say, “Hey, you can cheat since it is so horribly hard”. That is totally OUT of the question. Most countries have a Fort Knox for the test questions, and a very foolproof strategy when it comes down to concealing any information of the exam until the time is right (which of course is exam time) Any attempts of stealing, cheating, etc of the testing information or anything of proximity, will be punished severely, with the right to a ******. Let’s not say more of the results.

Now let’s pretend together that you have a son, and you want to let him do “crap”. First you’re going to have to send him to school, which isn’t as easy as to simply sign him up at some school, but that is a different topic. There are competing schools for “crap” and each one was made to traumatize and stress out the student as much as the laws of the Earth allow, but at least they will get it done at the least, providing that your son still remembers who you are. In some countries the schools are known nationwide (like some kind of company or something), and families from all of the country send their kids to these “Corporation- like” schools. Not only that, but instead of them giving you money for the pressure, and loss of your son for a year, most of them necessitate exuberant funds18 to help you cram crap into your sons cranium. Of course they do help, but it is still too much, because not only do you have to send them to school, but also you need to pay for tutoring. Now is the silly part. Your son comes home from school, he needs to eat fast because the tutor is coming in an hour, now YOU as the parent have to worry (worry more I mean). The teacher, being a regular “show-off” AND having a lust for cash, will charge you some more exuberant payment for he is not a regular tutor; he is a gift to humanity.19

Now I think I wrote too much, this is enough for now. Enough so you can understand what “crap” is, because I am planning on using it time and again in the “Diary of ME!”

18(a lot will ask for money more than once, for different reasons, but not all, I don’t want to be mean)

19(at least in his view, though lots of people are totally oblivious to the fact that he just wants your cash)


Resources used for Article: Same as the ones used on “Introduction  to Diary of ME!” plus, about 3 cups of lemonade, a bit of Pringles that weren’t mine, and time- lots of time.

Estimate Time of Laboring (fun laboring): A couple of hours each day for 4 days.