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Funky Story Time! October 21, 2009

Ok guys and gals, here are the rules to this buffoonery story!

  1. You have to only add 4 words! No less or more!
  2. Nothing rude or inappropriate, etc, you know what I mean!
  3. PLEASE! FOR HUMANITY; STICK WITH THE PROGRAM! As in, complete the comment EXACTLY before yours, and to do that you need to keep on refreshing your browser’s page!
  4. You got to be as spontaneous and lively and funny and absurd and bizarre as possible!
  5. If you don’t have good English, use the net or ask a friend ( me if you like) to fix your sentence!

( I added exclamation marks on purpose after each rule!)

I will start :                                                        My funky cat is…….


One Response to “Funky Story Time!”

  1. islamnation Says:

    hey Firekillar ;D! How are you?
    You can not say ugly,,,, it has to be three words not 1 :P
    I will delete your comment and you can re comment with three words
    Try opening MSN :D

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