The World Around You

About o-O June 18, 2009

I am known by ********* which is a real word (with numbers at the end) but I would like to remain anonymous on my blog for reasons of my own. I really don’t know what I should write here but I will do my best, which is great, and no , I am not showing off( that is the first thing about me, I don’t show off.)1

Let’s start with the material stuff about me. First of all I am a proud Muslim. I live in Syria ( this doesn’t mean when I talk about the middle east that I am talking about Syria, nor that any of my articles I write have anything to do with Syria)2.I am almost 18 and waiting to be able to drive legally * cough* (unfortunately you have to be 18 to drive in Syria.)I have a best best friend called ****** and I have taught him much in life (I don’t want to be mean, he did teach me SOME things…not close enough to what I taught him), the asterisks are ALSO is a real name, but if I write his name then I would totally be found out, so no more about him yet. I would say more but, that would be like giving a description of me, which, as I said in the first paragraph, I don’t want to do. I like mysteriousness….

1(I had to write that for safety’s sake *cough*, and so you would know)

2(I despise people who show off with absolute repugnance)

Now the non material stuff. I am a gamer! I absolutely love and relish the pc, though I learned most of the stuff I know from experience and the internet, because I did the mistake of not going to centers that teach designing and programming, etc. Now I think it is too late, because I am doing Bacaloria at the moment (I am trying.)I am also a bit shy when comes to things which aren’t in my right, for example: I don’t like meeting new people, but I will kill my principal in front of the whole school if he takes my right3( That’s just an example, I would do much more different things if I felt like it). I love to be spontaneous! But I don’t like it when others are spontaneous with me….. I also love creativity and being open minded4 I loathe self fish people, and try to stay away from them, but I’m also surrounded with them….but I do my best. I like to be truthful, even if that degrades my view in other peoples head, (but what do I care what they think) and even if it makes my rank lower, it is the way I was made.

3(not advisable)

4(which is the opposite of people around me)

To Be continued :D with love Me