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Enchanting Muslim Poetry December 16, 2009

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Enchanting Muslim Poetry Part 7 and 8

C.7 And so this light of eternal Unity
Has shone in all ages and among all nations
Through chosen Messengers of Allah, who came
As men to dwell among men,
To share their joys and sorrows,
To suffer for them and with them-
Aye, and to suffer more than falls
To ordinary mortal lot-
That so their message and their life
Might fulfil* the eternal
And unchanging purpose of the Most High-
To lead man to his noblest destiny.

C.8 Ever this eternal light of Unity-
This mystic light of Allah’s own Will,
Has shone and shines with undiminished splendour.*
The names of many Messengers are inscribed
In the records of many nations and many tongues,
And many were the forms in which their message was delivered,
And manifold were the lives of the Messengers,
And manifold also was the response of their people;
But they all witnessed to the One Truth:
Of Allah’s unity, might, grace and love.


Woah, The American Gov Does Really Got it Planned Out All Right, Eh December 11, 2009

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And this is only one screw up, check out the others on their site

How I love the states :D, really o_O