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Diary of ME! Islamic Ethics and Cellular Phones November 14, 2009

14/11/09 Saturday

Most of the time, the one thing I think about after the last lesson of the day at school is my Pc! And Food! Today I convinced my Dad to go with me to buy meat sharwana (Its like a meat sandwich, with mayo and parsley). While getting ready to go, my Dad finished before me and decided to go before me, and I would meet up with him on the street. I got dressed, went downstairs and started going to the resteraunt. While I was calling my Dad to see where he was so I could meet with him I heard some ringing. Ringing from the darkness. It was a digital ringing, and I was used to hearing ringing because people always turn on their songs in the middle of the street. It was also very close, and continuous. The ringing wasn’t any song or something, it was those defaults that come with the phone. Of course I realized it was a phone from the rhythm. I got a busy message while calling, ended the call and tried to find the source of the ringing. I looked back, and spotted a white flashing on the ground, in the middle of the street. It was dark and I couldn’t make out what it was exactly. Of course, from all my experience and wisdom, I had plenty of ideas running through my head. Most of them were things like “This could be a prank or Hidden Camera”. I mean, it is weird situation, what would you do in my place? There I was frozen in my place on the sidewalk. I looked around to see if anyone was looking, and found nothing suspicious. So I walked towards the flashing object and picked it up. After realizing that it was ringing, I decided to answer.

“Hello” I said, I felt really weird and I still think I talked in a stupid way.

“Hello, who is talking to me” Said a young girl.

I had no intention to say my name or give any information about myself, I still didn’t really know what was happening. I like being cautious. Better safe than sorry. So I replied “I found this phone on the ground?”

“Oh yea, this is my Moms phone”

“uhm, yes?”

“Well” said the girl. “where can you give us the phone?”

“Well, where are you? I am in Mashroo3 Dumar near the Fire Fighters Department”

“Oh ok, we are close can you wait there 5 minutes please?”

“Sure, I am waiting there.”

“Ok thanks a lot”

I waited 5 minutes, and each car that passed, I tried to see through the dark car windows to see if anyone was looking for me. After waiting a bit, the phone started ringing again. They asked me again where I was, and I replied the same answer, and that I was waiting for them, they told me they are there. I looked up and saw a white sedan pull up in front of me, it seemed like a Volkswagen. I didn’t really pay attention to what the car was, but while recalling it through memory I remember it was white and looked like a volkswagen. I peered through the windows and saw a women driving, the mother, and her daughter sitting near her, with some kids in the back. Then I said “Here is the phone, the screen is broken by the way, good bye”

And I walked off, I know it was awkward but I was supposed to be with my dad not talking with strangers. Apparently they thought the same thing, so after a couple of seconds of walking they moved the car towards me and horned. I looked back wondering what was it they wanted. While I approached the car, I stopped short. I saw the mother offering me cash and saying that she wants to give them to be because I am a good person. I said “what the heck” and took the money then walked off.




I am kidding ;)

I saw the women offering money, and stopped short. She said that she wants me to have the money because I am a good person. I told her that I won’t take any cash, and that she is welcome for my help, and good bye. Once again I walked off. Then I saw my Dad walking towards me carrying my tasty sandwich. Hmmmmm, food!


Diary of ME! Part VI November 13, 2009

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Diary of ME! Part VI

Wednesday   11\ 11\ 09

Yesterday I finished a practice French and Science Test. I have never felt so much stress since the days of 9th grade, which was like Bacaloria only for little kids. I think we are the only country who has this type of level.

I did ok on the Science and French, I was expecting much less writing, I felt like I was writing the book. For French I didn’t even memorize the Essay, but in the test I started making up sentences of my own! Do not think they will give me any marks on those though.

Today I studied only 1 hour, from an average Syrian student of 7 hours. People also suffer like this in Iraq by the way. I am too bored to do much studying, barely able to focus on this article (I am writing this after school, still bored though.)

Class Number (*)

Today I learned of the ignorance of the French teacher.

I was in a French lesson. The guy infront of me has a HUGE tendency of turning over to talk to me and chat, and no matter how much I try to make the teacher think it is his fault, he blames it on me with either a stare that you would expect from a basilisk or a little yelling. Today though, he actually filled a written complaint of which included the words “Excessive chatter “ though the complaint was after threatening me to be kicked from the class, but he literally, just spontaneously stopped threatening me and went crazy! Next thing I knew was sitting my butt on the rough metal bench outside the class. Apparently I am not worth the threats. Nor was it enough to kick me from the class and file a complaint but he went and told the class manager “how much excessive blabbering I did”, of which the class manager called me from class the next lesson and mundanely said “This is the first complaint from you my son, so I will not take action. Go and fix the cuffs of your uniform and close the chest buttons!” If there is one thing you learn from living in the Middle East it’s the ability to act apologetic when you would be laughing so hard in the inside that you’ll get diarrhea and a tomato colored face that will make it look like your constipating.

Though it turns out that the French teacher didn’t think all those things were enough because I think he could have told the English teacher to do the same thing to me, because the English teacher filled another complaint against me, “ثرثرة” which translates roughly to “Chattery” in English. The teacher saw it fit to file a complaint with the only word “Chattery” in it, why me? What did I do wrong to get teachers like this?

After all that, the same English teacher decided to write next to the complainant “Didn’t bring the English book”. Which wasn’t my fault.


The Revoluton is about to BEGIN! (A Blogging Net Revolution, not anything else!) November 12, 2009

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Obviously I am not blogging a lot for a reason. That reason is the dumbass1 bakaloria I am doing. And being in a dumbass school.

Fear not!

I am planning on writing something BIG! An Internet Revolution in Syrian Blogging!

I am planning on altering the perspectives of at least some of the Syrian bloggers.

(not all the Syrian Bloggers have the brain capacity at understanding the Truth)

And most of the Syrian readers.

Life is more than this people; Life is bigger than your friends, your plans, your dreams2, your education, your blog. Those are second-doing things. You need to understand, know, and believe in the Truth. The Truth of Life at large.

1(Ass means donkey, not anything other)
2(Your Dreams are important very important, but there are things you need to do first, and other things you need to stop doing)

The World’s Polluted? And what are you going to do about it? November 10, 2009

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Pollution. I didn’t know the true potential of pollution before. But after I got this link, I found out. The positive side is that your country won’t seem so dirty and polluted anymore.


Poop Leaking Cat November 8, 2009

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Who ever heard of a house cat that, when wanting to be taken out to use the litter box, just stands infront of the door and expects the door to magically open? And if the door doesn’t open in some way, he remembers to meow while he is pooping on the ground. Then he has a probability to step on his own crap while running to the litter box, and re step with the crap stricken paws in the house.

I never heard of one, but I got one at home. One of a kind pet, one of a kind.


The One of a Kind Syrian Customer Service

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The One of a Kind

Syrian Customer Service

Digital Net Branch Bahsa

Syrian Customer service isn’t like any other. It’s unique. It’s the one-of-a-kind type of service. You won’t find this service anywhere else1.The one I am going to be talking (more like writing) about is about a store called DigitalNet, weird name for a store but that isn’t what I am going to talk about now. There are other crappy customer services here, so don’t worry, it’s not just DigitalNet.

1(you might find it somewhere in China or Pakistan,,,, but you get what I mean)

DigitalNet is one of many franchises for selling electronics in Syria. It might be the most famous too, and it isn’t that bad….. that’s why I am going to only be talking about one branch of it. Lots of people have complained about the clerk that works there. Though each time you go buy(around once in 3 months for me) they seemingly tend to be not the same person2, but all of them work the same thing, and sit in the same place. They also tend to itch and to scratch their chest in the same way a gorilla would when you are trying to talk to him. After you finish your inquiry you might expect the clerk to move his buttocks off the dang chair to get what you want, or probably point where it is, but noooooo. They will probably just ignore you and turned his head to talk with a friend of his. That is “after” you get him to notice you in the first place, waiting for him to look at you so you can inquire.

After repeatingly trying to get a hold of his attention, he will just lazily point to somewhere behind the employees desk, apparently thinking that you could simply fly over the desk and get it for yourself.

Now it is your turn in the scene. You must present him the idea of “giving you the object.” He will contemplate a little and then get off his chair with noises of laziness and complaint and moaning, but in the end he will throw one of the items to you and run back the 3 feet to his chair, as if the chair might run away. Are you imagining the laziness? You would expect that this guy isn’t getting paid or something. After getting back to his chair, he will return to chatting with his friends. If you ask for a different version, type, or brand of the item you are asking for, he will most likely reply with “This is what I have!” in an aggressive voice, like you are talking about his wife in distasteful ways.

I am not talking about the company or their main service, just the service I got when I went to the Bahsa Branch with my buddies.


Diary of ME! Part V Syrian Taxies November 6, 2009

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Diary of ME!

Part V


The [Syrian] Taxi Dude

Last day of school in the week. Finally. Though I won’t be doing my usual Thursday1 plans2 I will go to my grandmother’s house to wish her a good travel, because she is leaving the country, and this might be my last chance to say good bye before she leaves for Europe for an estimate of 7 months. After almost getting in a fight with some stupid classmates, I leave the school. I head towards the stationary shop to buy a Scrabble board game I saw earlier but couldn’t carry. I buy it then head out to the main road to stop a taxi.

1(Thursday is the last school day in the week in my school)

2(Usual plans usually have something to do with spending money and going out with friends)

Usually when I don’t want taxies they crowd the road, but, as usual, when you want one, you won’t find one. It was late, and I was starting to worry. Syria isn’t the safest country on earth you know. Thus, deciding to move to a different location in hopes of finding an empty taxi, one suddenly stops next to me. It had two men; they were paying the chauffeur and “looked” like they were getting out. Turned out that only one guy wanted to leave, the other just wanted to sit on his former seat (the seat next to the driver.) Thinking that I should move on, the driver peered out of his window and asked me where I was heading. I told him, he asking the guy next to him, and they decided to take me.

From the minute I got in I knew the taxi guy wasn’t regular, my guts felt it. He seemingly was laughing from a racist joke made by the other guy sitting next to him about Kurds. I didn’t say anything; I tend to keep to myself. After the old passenger got to his stop (about 2 min later); he asked the driver how much money he owed, because this was a type of rogue taxi (he didn’t seem to have the Taxi Meter that counts the money depending on how much the taxi drove (I don’t know what it is called.)) The driver, surprisingly, said 50 sp! For 2 min driving! That is A LOT, for a ride like that he should have paid like 15 sp. I, again, didn’t say anything, and the poor/stupid passenger paid without saying anything either.

After moving on the road a bit, the driver invited me to the seat next to him. I, of course, denied. What do you think you would have done? A Syrian jumpy taxi driver that likes making jokes along the way late at night, asking you to sit next to him! No sensible guy (unless he is huge) would accept.

After telling him how to reach my grandmother’s house (he didn’t know I am going to my grandmothers’ house) he stopped infront of the house. I thanked him and got out to be able to reach into my side pocket to pay him. I took taxies from my school to my grandmother’s house plenty of times, and I knew the estimate amount that I should pay the taxi (The amount that turns up on the Taxi Meter.) The amount was as estimate of 30 sp, depending on the traffic. I reached into my pocket, knowing I didn’t have change to give him a 40 (I like paying them a little tip or something) I gave him a 50. I stood there expecting some change. But noooooooo. This dude wasn’t normal. I should have probably listened to my guts. The guy didn’t just want an extra ten, nor a 50. He was going much higher for a 5 min ride.

He took the 50 (One piece of paper bill) and started feeling it. Why is he feeling a paper bill? Then he looked at it, looked at me, and said “I want a 75” Apparently the simpleton was expecting me to give him a 100 sp paper. I was like WTH? Is this guy serious? Apparently he was, because when I expressed how flabbergasted I was at his request, he made a face no mentally sound human being would make. It’s really is hard to explain, it was more like a mentally deformed adolescent “trying to be funny” kind of face. Can you imagine that kind of face? No…. Neither can I, I never knew it was possible till this guy made it. The face was accompanied with a squeaky sound that sounded like a squeaky “Really? Who told you that?”

I replied “Dude, I took a taxi several times here, and I usually pay the same amount each time, around 40!”

He stood, staring at me for a while, then, unexpectantly said something like this “It is my fault for making you into a man” plus other gibberish which I couldn’t catch because he pressed the gas a sped off. Of course it took me a minute to realize that he probably did all the drama to just try and take an extra double of his rightful amount, with nothing to lose and a minimum of 10 sp extra ( the 50 I gave him and the same 50 he ran away with.) Typical Syrian taxi, what do you expect? Some respect?


‘Matrix’ And ‘Lord of the Rings’ Producer To Make Movie About The Founder Of Islam November 3, 2009

‘Matrix’ And ‘Lord of the Rings’ Producer To Make Movie About The Founder Of Islam

Woah, this is a chance of a lifetime, I just hope they will make it better than “The Message” By Akkad because The Message was really good! Read about it Here or Here


Join Our School, Chance to have Revenge on Poor Little Teens! You Get Paid Too! November 2, 2009

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Teachers Chance for a Vengeance Spree, Join National High School of S.D.

My school can’t prove more the fact that some of its teachers are on a type of “revenge” job, other that by advertising it throughout Syria on street ads. From the way they teach till the way they punish, you can be sure they are having some kind of fun. We literally had the Class Manager come in and make us repeat after him in parrot fashion, “The Teacher is ALWAYS correct”, “What ever he says you must do, no matter what” “Etc1”At least my school is better that the other schools by a little. The “others” have meetings to discuss which student they should torture2.

1(They didn’t literally say etc)

2(True Fact, really)


Diary of ME! Part VI November 1, 2009

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Not much of a new day, though our school never lets us down. It’s always trying to prove its insolence and stupidity, every…single….hour….  and I am here to tell you about it!

Diary of ME! Part VI

Estimate Time Period: 31/10/09

Damascus, Syria


I woke up. Contentedly went through the science lessons that were due for memorizing (It was a Saturday), skimmed over the other subjects, ate breakfast1 and then went to the building’s lobby to meet with my friends, but instead of meeting them like I always do, I had to do the waiting and actually wait for them2.I hope we don’t have to do that again. Though I think it’s my fault for coming on time. After the time-wasting wait we got out of the lobby and went towards the taxi guy we hired to take us to school. Which for a weird reason too, we didn’t have to wait for him3. Today was more abnormal than usual. Today was also the day when the payment for the taxi was due. I went inside, got myself ready to tolerate the smell of rotten sweat, and paid him his payment.

1(For all the people who don’t know, I have a very intriguing fact to show: Breakfast is composed of 2 words. Break and fast. Add them up and you get breakfast! Which is taken from the meaning of breaking the fast, fast as in the fasting you are doing while asleep. I know! Very cool fact!)

2(If you read my other articles you would know that I actually make them do the waiting, but for some reason I came on time today)

3(the taxi driver has a tendency of washing his car or something of the likes while we wait for him)

Class Number (*)

Sometime around the Science Lesson

I revised some of the lessons by the time the teacher got in the class and positioned his laptop and projector. He took up a piece of paper, which I wrongfully guessed was the Quiz Paper (A paper which has the names of the students inclass, so he can pick some names randomly4 and Quiz the students whose name was chosen.) The paper turned out to be something different.

“Chris5” The teacher unexpectedly said.

I thought it was Quiz time for me, and I didn’t worry. I studied hard and finally got a chance to prove it, or so I thought. “Yes teacher?”

“You have been chosen” Chosen? For what? “ as a lazy student, and the school will keep strong tabs on you from now on.”

“What!?” I was confused now.

“You have gotten bad grades in the past tests, and, if you get another crap grade, shall be taken to a different class6 or kicked from the school,”

@!*# @!&^  $ %#$  &^! Ok, now I was not only confused, but getting a bit angry.

Before getting a chance to ask him why, he completed his talk with the answer “Because you have completed 4 tests with the grades being; 8, 4, 1, 9”(from the total of 10.) Which were great scores if you were to compare me with the other kids in my class. I told him out loud “May I ask you a question” I wanted to understand what he means by this, because those grades are great compared to others, and why did he choose me?!7 But he just told me off and I never asked him. Now I am stuck with a bad record in Science, which is my favorite subject, plus a threat to be re located to a different class. I don’t think the idiots will actually take me out of the school, I hope……..

4(They make us believe that they pick the students randomly, but we all know the truth…..)

5(From now on I decided to use Chris as my name on the blog)

6(It might not sound bad, but in this school being taken to a different class wasn’t cool)

7(It’s a conspiracy I tell you!)

By the way, I got reasonable excuses for the grades 1 and 4……

And the grades 8 and 9 can prove that I am not lazy………

Because I was from the only three students in my class (which has about 35 students in it) of who got 9 on the test, no one got a better grade in the class.

I am not good,

I’m real good.