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The Revoluton is about to BEGIN! (A Blogging Net Revolution, not anything else!) November 12, 2009

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Obviously I am not blogging a lot for a reason. That reason is the dumbass1 bakaloria I am doing. And being in a dumbass school.

Fear not!

I am planning on writing something BIG! An Internet Revolution in Syrian Blogging!

I am planning on altering the perspectives of at least some of the Syrian bloggers.

(not all the Syrian Bloggers have the brain capacity at understanding the Truth)

And most of the Syrian readers.

Life is more than this people; Life is bigger than your friends, your plans, your dreams2, your education, your blog. Those are second-doing things. You need to understand, know, and believe in the Truth. The Truth of Life at large.

1(Ass means donkey, not anything other)
2(Your Dreams are important very important, but there are things you need to do first, and other things you need to stop doing)

4 Responses to “The Revoluton is about to BEGIN! (A Blogging Net Revolution, not anything else!)”

  1. Jabi Says:

    sooo when does the revolution start?! :)

    • islamnation Says:

      No can say :p
      Depends on the weather, i am kidding. Soon is all I should say.
      I am trying to find an introduction :D

  2. Me Says:

    Iam very interested about your revolution as you call it !

    When are you going to post it on your blog?

    In case I forgot to return to your page again, I wish you could notify me when you start your talk.

    Wish you the best of luck :)

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