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The One of a Kind Syrian Customer Service November 8, 2009

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The One of a Kind

Syrian Customer Service

Digital Net Branch Bahsa

Syrian Customer service isn’t like any other. It’s unique. It’s the one-of-a-kind type of service. You won’t find this service anywhere else1.The one I am going to be talking (more like writing) about is about a store called DigitalNet, weird name for a store but that isn’t what I am going to talk about now. There are other crappy customer services here, so don’t worry, it’s not just DigitalNet.

1(you might find it somewhere in China or Pakistan,,,, but you get what I mean)

DigitalNet is one of many franchises for selling electronics in Syria. It might be the most famous too, and it isn’t that bad….. that’s why I am going to only be talking about one branch of it. Lots of people have complained about the clerk that works there. Though each time you go buy(around once in 3 months for me) they seemingly tend to be not the same person2, but all of them work the same thing, and sit in the same place. They also tend to itch and to scratch their chest in the same way a gorilla would when you are trying to talk to him. After you finish your inquiry you might expect the clerk to move his buttocks off the dang chair to get what you want, or probably point where it is, but noooooo. They will probably just ignore you and turned his head to talk with a friend of his. That is “after” you get him to notice you in the first place, waiting for him to look at you so you can inquire.

After repeatingly trying to get a hold of his attention, he will just lazily point to somewhere behind the employees desk, apparently thinking that you could simply fly over the desk and get it for yourself.

Now it is your turn in the scene. You must present him the idea of “giving you the object.” He will contemplate a little and then get off his chair with noises of laziness and complaint and moaning, but in the end he will throw one of the items to you and run back the 3 feet to his chair, as if the chair might run away. Are you imagining the laziness? You would expect that this guy isn’t getting paid or something. After getting back to his chair, he will return to chatting with his friends. If you ask for a different version, type, or brand of the item you are asking for, he will most likely reply with “This is what I have!” in an aggressive voice, like you are talking about his wife in distasteful ways.

I am not talking about the company or their main service, just the service I got when I went to the Bahsa Branch with my buddies.


10 Responses to “The One of a Kind Syrian Customer Service”

  1. Zaher Says:

    you’re 100% right
    i usually buy things from Abu Rummaneh Branch the service is a lot better there.

  2. A-J THEBOSS Says:

    i think you forgot to mention that it is one of the best service that you can get cause its a good company digital net good article :)

  3. Mohammed Says:

    My name is Mohammed Al Sabsabi from Digital Net,
    I would like to really thank you for your comments,

    I will look on this point, & make it better very soon
    sorry for the delay in my response, but I just came to know about note online,
    any way brother, you can always reach us/ me on 011-9857 to complain about any issues.

    • islamnation Says:

      Ahh, finally a reply from the the source!
      I hope o_O
      InshAllah you will make your service better :) (for thew bahsa branch) A little respect now and then is nice, Thanks alot
      If you read this, can you tell me how you got a hold of this blog?
      Salam :D

  4. AN@S Says:

    Every time I visit DigitalNet stores they’re closed !! My visits always happen during their off hours (I think about 3 hours or something a day) so I change my direction to Al-Khateeb company which is a good company too. This happened to me about 5-6 times and absolutely happens to others. I still can’t understand why such a big company have to close daily for several hours? Other companies don’t do that in Damascus !!!!

    • islamnation Says:

      I am totally with u man, i think things like this happen when someone holds himself in a too high regard, but i think the companies getting better inshAllah : D It happened to me also

      • Mohammed Says:

        thanks for your comments,
        we will consider your point, & make sure to announace our working hours for every Store,

        & we will keep at least one of them work more hours to serve our valued customers better


    • khlaid Says:

      will Anas i think that digital net only open 3 hours a day :S , and Al-Khateeb is a good company but it’s much expensive than DigitalNet , so i didn’t change my direction :D , one more thing for DigitalNet change your ba7sa employs they are really really really stupid

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