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Diary of ME! Part VI November 1, 2009

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Not much of a new day, though our school never lets us down. It’s always trying to prove its insolence and stupidity, every…single….hour….  and I am here to tell you about it!

Diary of ME! Part VI

Estimate Time Period: 31/10/09

Damascus, Syria


I woke up. Contentedly went through the science lessons that were due for memorizing (It was a Saturday), skimmed over the other subjects, ate breakfast1 and then went to the building’s lobby to meet with my friends, but instead of meeting them like I always do, I had to do the waiting and actually wait for them2.I hope we don’t have to do that again. Though I think it’s my fault for coming on time. After the time-wasting wait we got out of the lobby and went towards the taxi guy we hired to take us to school. Which for a weird reason too, we didn’t have to wait for him3. Today was more abnormal than usual. Today was also the day when the payment for the taxi was due. I went inside, got myself ready to tolerate the smell of rotten sweat, and paid him his payment.

1(For all the people who don’t know, I have a very intriguing fact to show: Breakfast is composed of 2 words. Break and fast. Add them up and you get breakfast! Which is taken from the meaning of breaking the fast, fast as in the fasting you are doing while asleep. I know! Very cool fact!)

2(If you read my other articles you would know that I actually make them do the waiting, but for some reason I came on time today)

3(the taxi driver has a tendency of washing his car or something of the likes while we wait for him)

Class Number (*)

Sometime around the Science Lesson

I revised some of the lessons by the time the teacher got in the class and positioned his laptop and projector. He took up a piece of paper, which I wrongfully guessed was the Quiz Paper (A paper which has the names of the students inclass, so he can pick some names randomly4 and Quiz the students whose name was chosen.) The paper turned out to be something different.

“Chris5” The teacher unexpectedly said.

I thought it was Quiz time for me, and I didn’t worry. I studied hard and finally got a chance to prove it, or so I thought. “Yes teacher?”

“You have been chosen” Chosen? For what? “ as a lazy student, and the school will keep strong tabs on you from now on.”

“What!?” I was confused now.

“You have gotten bad grades in the past tests, and, if you get another crap grade, shall be taken to a different class6 or kicked from the school,”

@!*# @!&^  $ %#$  &^! Ok, now I was not only confused, but getting a bit angry.

Before getting a chance to ask him why, he completed his talk with the answer “Because you have completed 4 tests with the grades being; 8, 4, 1, 9”(from the total of 10.) Which were great scores if you were to compare me with the other kids in my class. I told him out loud “May I ask you a question” I wanted to understand what he means by this, because those grades are great compared to others, and why did he choose me?!7 But he just told me off and I never asked him. Now I am stuck with a bad record in Science, which is my favorite subject, plus a threat to be re located to a different class. I don’t think the idiots will actually take me out of the school, I hope……..

4(They make us believe that they pick the students randomly, but we all know the truth…..)

5(From now on I decided to use Chris as my name on the blog)

6(It might not sound bad, but in this school being taken to a different class wasn’t cool)

7(It’s a conspiracy I tell you!)

By the way, I got reasonable excuses for the grades 1 and 4……

And the grades 8 and 9 can prove that I am not lazy………

Because I was from the only three students in my class (which has about 35 students in it) of who got 9 on the test, no one got a better grade in the class.

I am not good,

I’m real good.


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