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Diary of ME! Part IIII What I Learned so Far: Week Exams III October 30, 2009

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Diary of ME! Part IIII

What I Learned so Far: Week Exams III

Class (*)

The School is placed within an old Classic Arabic house. Classic Arabic houses were known for their fountains and mosaic which they even use on the walls, and they were also huge. Our school was the somewhat the same, other than the fact that it had electric and other modern objects and appliances, even the mosaic was in modern style. The building entrance leads to a large square on level one (Level one as in the first storey of the building or ground level, of which there is three in total for the school), around which the other rooms are placed, including classes and the bathroom. The  principal’s1 room is on the ground floor connecting to the west (I believe) side of the main square. This was where I was following the Class Manager en route for the principal2.

1(The stup… I mean principal (headmaster, in British) owns the school, we can talk about him later)

2(You do realize that I don’t capitalize the first letter in principal? It’s for disrespect)

I was walking behind the Class Manager, vigorously trying to think of what my excuse will be towards the principal. I was, of course, not expecting this before, nor was I expecting the principal was pity headed and thicker than …… let’s not say what…., but I was going to find out soon enough.

We shall talk about the principal’s room before completing the respective events. It was not a big room, square in shape and stone in making. The usual pieces of paper on the wall3 and a two desks, one infront(the desk littered with papers everywhere) of the principal and the other on his left side when looking towards the door. Now this you didn’t expect, on his second desk, he had computer screens4, each with mini boxes that shows linked cameras from all over his school. These cameras where one of the things of which made him famous, because in Syria you barely had cameras where you would need them, but especially not in school! Back to the events.

3(One would think of them as Diplomas, but I don’t think this guy got anywhere near that level of intelligence)

4(Not any computer screens, old huge headed ones, you know? The ones that were “old” and thick with their color blacked form the dust, literally. One would think that a millionaire could afford some more pixeld or better lighted screens, but nooooo, this dude is different)

The Class Manager knocked politely on the old wooden door and we were invited in. The principal looked up towards us (me and the Class Manager) and out of the blue blabbered “What?”5

“This student says he won’t do the punishment because he needs more time, what should we do with him” said the convenient Class Manager. I intersected to prove my innocence6 but without having to bore you with writing it I will just tell you that it made no difference.

The principal replied my pleas with what one would think of as roaring “Roar! Blah blah oink roar wa la blah!” I tried proving myself again, but again to no avail. The Class Manager then (apparently no one likes the principal’s roars of stupidity) left me to my sentence7 with the principal. After having being roared on for a couple of seconds I decided that the best way to prove myself was to bring in the notebook for my Week Exam and show him that I did NOTHING wrong! He allowed me. I jogged my way to class, and while having the eyes of the class (including the teacher’s, which had no idea why I kicked in the door without saying anything and went to my bag8), picked up my Week Exam notebook and return to the principal’s office without looking back.

5(Of course this was all in Arabic, I have saved you the toils of translation)

6(I do not think they know that that means in this school)

7(With sentence I don’t mean the grammar sentence, I mean the jail sentence)

8(I am not known for my respect to others, unless they deserve it)

This time I really wasn’t expecting any more roaring, but as usual, I was wrong. Once the principal picked up the book he started flipping pages as though he was allergic to the paper, and, he started roaring……… again………” ROAR! Blah roar blah heehaw9 oinky blah”

9(that is supposed to be the donkeys nigh but I don’t have experience with their noises so don’t really know how to write it)

This just sucks, plus it is taking valuable time including time from my physics lesson too, but in the end he told me that I had to do it TWO times……..but, my secret plan succeeded Muahahahahahhahaa. Though the plan was coincidental it still was useful and smart, the punishment just got easier, not what I wanted exactly but it’s better than nothing. The original punishment was to rewrite the old Week Exam plus a new one, which is extremely hard. The new one was to just write the old one two times, which anyone can do in a matter of minutes, of course I had to “meddle” with the truth10 while talking to the principal get what I just got, which was simple.

10(I don’t lie, I just “meddle” with the truth sometimes ;))


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