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Diary of ME! What I Learned so Far: Week Exams II October 27, 2009

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Diary of ME! Part III

What I Learned so Far: Week Exams II

Estimate Time Period: 1st Month of School

Damascus, Syria

Class Number (*)

The teacher then threw me back my book,and the Class Manager asked him about my status with the work for my Week Exam. The answer was expected, as I wrote before; almost all people want you to struggle1, he said “laa hatha moo sheghil” which means “No this isn’t [real] work.” I was then told to stand aside near the door, which I did gloomily2.After wasting some more precious time (which I have a tendency of doing a lot these days; for some weird reason) he told me that my (punishment) Week Exam was doubled3, and I had to bring it to then the next day. Of course, I wasn’t planning on that at all. No stupid dude tells me what to do.

1(they want you to struggle for no reason, that is the awful part)

2(I usually resort to merciless arguing and negotiating but I knew that these guys are thicker than the Great Wall of China)

3(When the school gives us the questions for the Week Exam on a paper, it has two versions, one on each side. We only have to do one of them, unless we get the other as a punishment, which is what I meant by saying that I had to double it)

A day later

Another day of torment. I woke, studied, and then reluctantly went to school. On the second or third lesson (I don’t really remember exactly) the Class Manager walked in for his routine checking of who is absent4. Then he called out my name, asked where my punishment is (he means the extra Week Exam) and heard me say “HEY! Idiot, I don’t work for you! So go back and curl up in your satanic pigin’ pit hole and stick your head in one of your pig friends!” Ok, no, I didn’t say that, but I wish I could have. I bluntly said “Nope” shook my head authoritatively “I didn’t do it.” He looked at me skeptically and said “Why?”I replied “Because I can’t possibly do it in 1 day! It needs around three days.”(That was just an excuse; I can’t be very mean with him in front of the whole class) “Too bad, come talk to me in the recess [Break Time].” He said in an abusive way.

4(they check who is absent so that they could send a SMS to your parents just  in case you didn’t feel like going to school and decided to skip, not that I ever did that…..)

I thought I was safe then, and said to myself that if I didn’t go talk with him he will probably forget the whole thing. I was shockingly wrong. (I also seem to have a tendency to being wrong nowadays5)

5(I USED to have a tendency of being right, man, the world is changing)

2 days later

The next day came. I (as usual) woke, studied, and went to school. I was thinking that the whole thing was cooled off and that the imbeciles forgot the whole thing and that it was going to be another peaceful6 day at the National High School of S.D.7. My friends and class mates didn’t forget though( and I was going to find out that the National High School of S.D. administration didn’t forget either), and I had to bear with them asking me if I did the punishment or not. I, of course, boastingly told them “Of course not!” Then, as usual, the Class Manager came in for the absent list, called out my name, and asked the same wretched question. Of course, my answer didn’t change, and I re answered him the same answer, which he wasn’t expecting (nor were my classmates8) He replied with a cliché “OK then, follow me to the principal’s room.” OK, that I WASN’T expecting……..

6(It never is peaceful, but I try to be optimistic)

7(Did you know? The S.D in National High School of S.D. means “Happiness” in Arabic, very stupid name to call a school, I know, especially went it is a Bacaloria school.)

8(I knew they weren’t expecting it because of the ominous silence that followed my answer)


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