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Diary of ME! Part II What I Learned so Far: Week Exams October 26, 2009

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Diary of ME! Part II

What I Learned so Far: Week Exams

Estimate Time Period: 1st Month of School

Damascus, Syria

At Home

“Dad! Give me some money PLEASE!”

“No way! Hahahahaaha”

Ok, the usual morning so far. Yester night ( and day) I was working hard on the “Week Exams” that the idiotic National High School of S.D. give us almost every week to sweat on throughout the weekend ( which is only one day, Friday). Plus all the other studying I did yesterday and today morning1. Now I was running late. As usual. My friends, from how used to me being late, even stopped their continuous nagging, moaning, and whining! Which is a relief, Thank God!

1(We have school on the afternoon schedules, not the usual morning schedules)

Now, as usual too, I was trying to get my rightful allowance2 from my Dad, which is a pain in the back side because I don’t get it, unless I’m lucky. I also was trying to get my schedule packed into my backpack, which likewise, is not as simple as it sounds.

2 (Which is meager by the way)

Back to the Week Exams. I still hadn’t finished it. It takes forever and a day. Not much3, but I get it done in the end, most of the time. The hard part after finishing it is remembering to place it into the backpack so you can bring it to school, or the stupid National High School of S.D will double the Week Exam for you and make it due the day4 after you forgot to bring it (or simply didn’t do it.)

3(That’s sarcasm)

4(Which is sheer stupidity!)

I know what you are thinking but don’t worry, I didn’t forget to bring it to school but THEY did something extravagantly more ludicrous.

Class Number (*)

I survived around 3 brainless weeks of National High School of S.D so far. I was sitting on my seat on the second row5The Algebra teacher was on the other side of the class doing the National High School of S.D Tradition (checking vigorously for your Week Exam for the point of mercilessly giving you a punishment). The Class Manager was vigorously doing the Tradition on MY side of the class room, unfortunately for me.

5(I am thinking of making a post on the seats they provide us, for people over 19 advised.)

He lazily saw my notebook, started contemplating on something7 then resolved on saying “Ya istath, taah shoof hathahee al daftar.”8 Which means: “Hey teacher, come see this notebook”, Oh darn, look at my luck9…..

I stood, picked my notebook up, and went to the Algebra teacher. I had to endure a little on my legs till “His Highness”10 decided to start making fun of me11. He took the notebook, and after making a variance of unconventional faces, he started asking questions……..”Why did you write that like this?” “Why did you do that?” ”Do you find this acceptable?” “Oh come on, really?” Darn it, why me! …….

7(Which isn’t advisable nor easy, for him AND you, for him because they like to think vicious things, and they haven’t the capability to think hard, and for you, because vicious things have a tendency of happening to you)

8(We were having an Algebra lesson, though I am sure you could have accumulated that idea when I wrote “Algebra teacher” in the paragraph before.)

9(I actually thank God for my luck, which, thank God, is better that other people)

10(I mean the teacher here, but he thinks he is much more than that)

11(which is not advisable)


3 Responses to “Diary of ME! Part II What I Learned so Far: Week Exams”

  1. a.jnumb1 Says:

    hope the coming days would be better for you :)

    • islamnation Says:

      Friend, i do not make the articles for you to have pity, that isnt what blogs are for, but i do hope inshAllah my life will get better :D, i work on the blogs for people to have entertainment, and most importantly of all for people to know how others are living

  2. A-J THEBOSS Says:

    the whole people will feel pity :D

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